The Wine Country Club (TWCC)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Wine Country Marketing and Promotions (WCM&P) offers its existing clients our innovativeHire-A-DD” Program whereby we provide a Designated Driver (DD) to escort our clients and their quests, or their merchandise and documents, to and/or from their intended destination(s) in their selected vehicle whether owned, leased, or rented by them.

For airport trips we return the clients’ vehicle to its origin and secure the vehicle accordingly. For the return trip of our clients, our DD’s then return to the clients’ home and/or work location and proceed to the airport to pick-up the client in its vehicle. The client’s vehicles always remain in the most secure of environments.

In our “Hire-A-DD” Program the client bares all the expenses of vehicle insurance, bridge tolls, gas, etc., during the timeframe our DD’s are contracted to provide driving services.

We refer to our existing clients as “The Wine Country Club Founders.” They receive our service which include, but is not limited to, the following:

* Portal-to-portal service at any hour requested

* Unlimited advance time for booking dates

* Airport runs to/from work and/or home

* Pick-up and/or delivery of merchandise/documents

* Medical and business appointments

* Social events whether day or evening

* Wine Country/San Francisco Tours for the guests of our clients

We accept new clients based on the referral of the existing TWCC Founders.

Our rates are very reasonable and competitive.

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Napa Condo said...

This is a great plan for a program, especially in wine country. With so many people wine tasting, drunk driving is always at a high. This program should help to decrease DUIs and accidents.